Global challenges turn into opportunities when incorporated to business challenges.

Our Approach

We approach the process in a systemic way, diving deep into the cultural, organizational and market context.

We promote and nourish relations between companies and individuals that are complementary in their expertise and share strategic views and values on current challenges faced by the society and the market as well as views on the importance of their individual roles in this ecosystem.


It is our starting point. With an organic and customized approach, we dive deeply into our client’s challenges and into their business context and, from there, we gather the elements we need to design our tailor-made service plan.

Selection and Embark

Our search and selection process primarily focuses on the specific needs of each organization and their specific market scenario. We also promote in-depth reflection on current macro environment and society challenges as well as on the role of the leader in this complex ecosystem.


We provide support to the executive from the hiring moment to the first months at the new organization.

This step is part of Plongê’s selection process, but it can be contracted independently for internal hiring processes.

Our goal is to liaise as a safe source for the executive, instigating a conscious attitude towards the new company’s culture, relations (between peers, team members and interfaces), aligning expectations and results in the short, medium and long terms as well as a building a systemic view of the real challenges encountered.

Leadership Assessment

We strengthen the executive and his/her team promoting self-knowledge and professional development.

For us, results derived from traditional tools will not deliver outstanding results. But the ideas and commitments that come from individual engagement throughout the process will.

Pieces of ice detached from Foxe Basin Glaciers in the Canadian Arctic float in swirls in the icy waters, melting as the global temperature rises. @USGS